American Powertrain Save The Stick With Logo
Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 6, 2018

American Powertrain has been manufacturing its ProFit manual transmission conversion kits for quite a while and making a name for itself in the classic Mustang market. The systems feature a Tremec manual transmission with all the bits and pieces to get it properly installed in your Mustang, making it a one stop/call solution. As American Powertrain’s online social media presence grew it started using the hashtag “#savethestick” as a way to highlight what it saw as the slow death of the manual transmission as an option in modern vehicles. Frankly, many manufacturers do not even offer a manual trans in its most basic model anymore. It came as a surprise to the American Powertrain crew how viral the hashtag became.

Matt Graves, American Powertrain director of marketing, says, “It’s crazy how this just took off. The skeleton image with the hashtag save the stick just conveys something to our customers. It really goes to the core of what they love about having a stick in a muscle car or classic. Our customers appreciate the fact that they can upgrade to a modern overdrive transmission, but still get the thrill of driving with a stick; there’s just more fun with a stick.”

Now American Powertrain has taken the popular hashtag to the next level by designing and offering apparel and gear with the “Save the Stick” skull and hashtag. The line includes T-shirts, fitted hats, hoodies, bandanas, license plates and banners. Save the Stick merchandise is now available for purchase online at, and will be sold at any American Powertrain sponsored events. Apparel sizes range from small to 3XL.

Photography by American Powertrain