Shelby 1000 Towing Shelby Super Snake Burnout
Henry De Los Santos
Mustang360 Network Content Director
March 28, 2018
Photos By: Optima

Gratuitous burnouts are fun, but have you ever seen a truck towing a car do a burnout, all the while having said car on the trailer doing a burnout as well? You read that correctly and we certainly thank OPTIMA for sharing their video with us.

In this case, it was OPTIMA Brand Ambassador and president of Shelby American, Gary Patterson, who is driving the all-new Shelby 1000 Diesel towing a Shelby Super Snake – both doing burnouts. Gary went on to say, “We wanted to do something over the top that I hadn’t seen done before. It was outrageous and accomplished our objective.”

We’ll just say well done and its certainty something you don’t see every day. Then again, after this session, maybe we will…