Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
March 14, 2018

Getting a great deal on a Mustang is very rare. It takes a combination of money on hand, and an owner needing to liquidate in a hurry. That’s usually the only time you can get a smokin’ deal on a righteous ‘Stang.

The 1965 GT350CR was built by Classic Recreations, and dyno-proven with over 600-rwhp. The Coyote engine boasts a Ford Performance/Roush supercharger with a Tremec 5-speed behind it, along with a 9-inch rearend with 3.70 gears. The tires don’t have a chance with this much power on demand, but you will be too busy smiling to care.
The 2017 Shelby GT350X features a supercharged Voodoo 5.2L flat-plane crank engine, rated at 875 horsepower. We don’t have wheel numbers for the 2017 GT350X, but it’s safe to say this animal makes close to 800-rwhp. The 2017 GT350X features basically everything from the Steeda Autosports catalog to help the car handle even better than factory.

However, great deals do come around from time to time. Case in point, for just $3.00 you can get not one, but two incredible Mustangs. These are not run-of-the-mill, everyone-has-one Mustangs, either. Mustang Dream Giveaway is giving away two of the most killer Mustangs ever assembled. You read that right! For as little as $3.00 you can own a 1965 Mustang GT350CR and a 2017 Mustang Shelby GT350X. Both cars are supercharged with the GT350CR making over 600-rwhp and the GT350X making over 750-rwhp.

Thing is, though, you only have until March 27th to register to win these beasts. What’s more, you get bonus tickets when you use promo code MG0318M3. So, in order to get yours, register at https://www.dreamgiveaway.com/?promo=MG0318M3., and don’t forget about the promo code. Plus, if you win you get $45,000 towards taxes. However, if you win these two fine machines, we expect a ride.