Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 12, 2018

When you’re overseas in the military it can be tough to order that new Mustang or F-150 you’ve been saving for (or any Ford for that matter). Military AutoSource (MAS) has been helping our military with new vehicle purchases for over 50 years. The company was started by a WWII vet wanting to help our military get the car of their dreams and have it shipped abroad or have it waiting for them when they got home.

The Warrior program from MAS works with various auto manufacturers and aftermarket companies to build MAS exclusive vehicles for our military men and women to enjoy. In 2017 MAS partnered with Richard Petty and his Petty’s Garage to build a 2017 supercharged custom Mustang. The relationship has only become stronger and on January 27, 2018 Richard Petty and the crew from Petty’s Garage were on hand at Ramstein Air Base in Germany to personally launch the 2018 Petty’s Garage Warrior Mustang and new Warrior F-150 packages.

Richard Petty flew all the way to Ramstein Air Base, Germany to personally announce the 2018 Warrior program, to tell our U.S. military personnel all about the Mustang and F-150 features, and then stuck around for autographs and photos with them.

The 2018 Petty’s Garage Warrior F-150 and Mustang pair America’s best-selling pickup for 40 years and Ford’s most iconic muscle car, with signature Petty performance and styling that is crafted and installed by hand at Petty’s Garage in Level Cross, North Carolina, the birthplace and home of Richard Petty. These are truly unique must own vehicles for those passionate about performance and are exclusively available to our overseas military at MAS locations.

Even better is the announcement that, just like all sales of the 2017 Petty’s Garage Warrior Mustang, a donation will be made to Paralyzed Veterans of America with the sale of each 2018 Warrior vehicle built by Petty’s Garage, continuing the Petty family’s and MAS’s commitment to this important organization that helps our veterans in need with much needed services including employment assistance, legal services, veterans benefits, caregiver support, and much more.

“We are extremely proud of these newest additions to the Military AutoSource Warrior program,” says Steve Frisch, Senior Vice President with Military AutoSource. “The Petty’s Garage team have been incredible partners in working with us to craft vehicles that offer something special and unique to our military members. Vehicles that reflect the passion and standard of excellence of our armed forces.”

The shared mission to serve and support our troops has created a great partnership between Military AutoSource and Petty’s Garage.

“Our first year partnering with Military AutoSource was a big success for all of us,” said Petty, owner of Petty’s Garage. “We sold every Mustang we made and created a lot of excitement in the military community. We’re stepping it up this year, offering the 2018 Ford Mustang and the new F-150 truck. It’s important that we have superior vehicles for them to purchase and we’re proud to continue this program thanks to Military AutoSource.”

The F-150 comes equipped with a 750 horsepower supercharger, 33-inch all-terrain vehicles, custom paint, interior, electric running boards and more. Each F-150 will be branded with Petty’s Garage Warrior grill, hood, and windshield banner. The Petty’s Garage Warrior badging also extends to a custom dash badge for the “The King’s” authentic autograph. To see more features on the All-New 2018 Petty’s Garage Warrior F-150, visit

The 675 horsepower supercharged Mustang features a Petty’s Garage MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust and a slew of other Petty’s Garage features. New for 2018, will be the option of two available packages allowing customers to decide their preferred level of customizations. Optional package equipment includes a race inspired spoiler, custom leather interior with the Warrior logo, Ford Performance lowering springs and more.  Every Mustang feature Petty’s Garage Warrior badging including a dash badge for “The King’s” authentic autograph. To see more features on the All-New 2018 Petty’s Garage Warrior Mustang,

Photography by Military AutoSource