Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
December 8, 2017

When it comes to cylinder heads for your pushrod-motivated Mustang, Air Flow Research (AFR) is one of the top companies to use for making horsepower. While we were roaming the rows of parts at the Performance Racing Industry show, we came across their booth, so here’s a rundown on what’s happening at AFR.

AFR was established before most of us were born in 1970, so that tells you the company knows a thing or two about moving air. The company also knows the key to making power is via a well-designed cylinder head. For us Ford fans, that brings us to its Renegade line of cylinder heads.

All AFR Renegade heads feature 100-percent CNC-ported combustion chambers, 100-percent CNC-ported exhaust ports, 100-percent CNC-ported intake ports, and a competition 5-angle valve job.

The Renegade 165cc and 185cc heads are CARB-certified for model years 1995 and older, so even you California peeps can legally get in on the fun. Of course, AFR also offers more aggressive 195cc, 205cc, and 220cc cylinder head designs don’t carry that designation.

However, if it’s a track monster you’re building, that CARB certification isn’t holding you back. AFR’s cylinder head offerings are right at home on 302s, 331s, 347s, and 408- and 427-inch Windsors, and everything in between. If you’re building a potent pushrod combination, AFR has you covered. Check them out at www.airflowresearch.com, or give them a call directly at 661.257.8124.

Each AFR Renegade head also features bronze valve guides, ductile iron intake and exhaust valve seats, Viton valve seals, PAC valve springs, and Manley steel retainers.