Revel Vls Unboxing
Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
December 19, 2017

These days, the Mustang market is all about tuning. There’s barely a Mustang on the road without a custom tune in the PCM. When it comes to a custom tune, the more information the tuner has, the better, more accurate the tune will be. With a supercharged combination, it’s even more important to have the most information at your disposal. With boost, that information becomes even more important. Added power has a way of wrecking a lot of parts if everything’s not kosher.

One key component that will help you get your boost game under control is Revel’s VLS OLED intercooler dual temperature gauge. The Revel VLS OLED intercooler dual temperature gauge is pretty simple in installation and implementation. Simply put, the gauge lets you know the efficiency of your Mustang’s intercooler; showing you the temperatures going in and out of the intercooler. During this unboxing, Mustang 360 Technical Editor Mark Houlahan goes over how the gauge works, and how easy it is to install in your boosted Mustang.

We’re working on an install using Revel’s VLS OLED intercooler dual temperature gauge, and as soon as we complete it, you’ll read about it here.