Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
December 11, 2017

Keeping your street or track car cool takes a full court press of cooling components. Starting with a radiator and cooling fan, oil coolers, transmission coolers, and the like, keeping your Mustang cool is an all-hands-on-deck exercise. Fortunately, companies like Derale Performance knows what it takes to keep your Mustang cool, and more importantly, has the components necessary to keep them that way.

Derale has a variety of cooling fan options, fan controllers, remote fluid coolers, and even transmission cooling pans. Derale’s fan controllers monitor coolant temperature on the cool side of the radiator, which the company says provides more accurate readings. Plus, Soft Start Technology saves your electrical system from the jolt of turning on the fans full blast all at once. The technology allows the fans to ramp up slowly to keep harmful AMP spikes at bay. Derale’s fan controllers operate the fans at a rate needed to cool the engine, whether it needs full power, or just a moderate airflow.

As you can see, the cooling options available through Derale are limitless. If Derale doesn’t have a fluid cooler to suit your needs, you probably don’t need it.
In addition to the cooling options, Derale also has fan controllers to help maintain your Mustang’s temperature settings. The company offers several fan controller designs, including a single stage controller, adjustable fan controller, a high-AMP controller, and its PWM fan controller.

Derale’s Powerpacks are cooling systems aimed at fitting a variety of radiator sizes, and come with in single or dual fan applications. The company’s PWM Powerpacks feature a built-in fan controller to, “provide the ultimate in engine temperature control.”

Regardless of your cooling needs, Derale can help solve your problem and keep your Mustang cool. Check them out at www.derale.com, or give them a call at 800.421.6288.