Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
December 7, 2017

We know it’s a digital world out there and everyone lives on their phones 24/7, but we still proudly produce the ONLY all-classic Mustang magazine that is published in print form for our tens of thousands of readers on a monthly basis. Mustang Monthly’s Readers’ Album print column, where we share reader submitted images of classic Mustangs from 1965-1978, is running on empty and we need YOUR help to stock it back up. The job is simple and you’ll get to show all your friends that your Mustang made it into a magazine; immortalized forever on the pages of Mustang Monthly magazine!

So what do you have to do? It’s simple really. All we need are a few nice photos of your Mustang. Take a look at the few samples we have below and follow suit and you’ll be golden. A “front ¾ view” is paramount. That’s what we use the most of. However, we do feature one car a month more prominently and that one usually is because it has really nice photos and/or a really good story. For that we like to have an interior photo and an engine photo as well. Pictures should be photographed with the sun behind you (watch your shadow on the car) and taken early morning or early evening when the sun is low. Be sure the background is clean (no trees, telephone poles, etc.) and that you don’t cut part of the car off.

For your story we don’t need ten pages of every nut and bolt on the car. No, we need a brief summary of the car’s history with you. When bought and why, color, drivetrain, modifications, etc. and what you do with your Mustang; show it, drive it, drag race it, etc. Most importantly your full name, city, and state location. You wouldn’t believe how many people have sent in usable photos, but not a single word other than “1966 Mustang convertible, 289, four-speed.” I mean, not even their name!

So that’s it. Grab a few great photos (smart phone camera is fine set on high resolution), write a brief overview with your name, city, and state, and email it to We’ll take it from there. So get started!

Here is a good example of a front ¾ view for your photograph. Taken in late afternoon on a bit of a cloudy day with a nice neutral background on gravel (gravel road or paved road is best versus grass).
If you want to get a little “artsy” you can put some angle into your camera for a shot like this. Always have the front of the car pointing up. This was taken with the same camera at the same spot as the first photo, just with some change to the camera’s attitude.
If you have a small step ladder, 5-gallon bucket, bench, etc. to stand on you can get a nice “high shot” like this ’69 SportsRoof. This gives a different perspective, showing more of the hood and roofline. Great for cars with hood scoops like this one.
When taking your main overall photo, try not to photograph your Mustang at a car show or cruise in. They’re great events but lousy for backgrounds. You want your car to be the star, not the car next to you. This ’69 looks great with nice lighting and angle, but the car next to it (plus being on grass) takes away from the Mach 1’s beauty.
Interiors are fairly easy to photograph. Find a shady spot with a nice background (you don’t want to see trash or other cars through the windows), open the driver’s door and photograph the interior/dash standing at the B-pillar area. Make sure the steering wheel is straight, no keys in the ignition, and that the carpet/mats are straight and clean too.
Same here for the engine bay photo. Find a shady place and snap away. Shooting straight on is fine, but throwing an angle shot from the corner of the engine bay is a nice change too.