Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
November 9, 2017
Photos By: Courtesy Shell Penzoil

Unless you were born last week or have lived under a rock with no Wi-Fi for the last five years or so you have to know who Ken Block is. The seminal viral video star that has probably brought YouTube’s servers to their knees every time he debuts a Gymkhana video, was once again at the SEMA show to meet and greet with his fans. For the 2017 SEMA show he had an extra special treat in store with the unveiling of the first vehicle for the milestone Gymkhana TEN video at the Shell “Pioneering Performance” Live Stage outside in front of the SEMA Central Hall. If that wasn’t enough Block shared a video teaser of the upcoming Gymkhana video with the crowd and then sat down with Jeff Allen of Flat 12 Gallery and “Car Chasers” to discuss his new relationship with Pennzoil and how he chose the vehicles of the 10th video in his Gymkhana franchise.

During the press conference, Ken Block unveiled his new-to-him 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A Rally Car to be featured in Gymkhana Ten. The rally car is built off a larger Ford Sierra chassis with Escort body panels, making the formerly front-wheel-drive Escort into all-wheel-drive. It sports a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that generates between 350-400hp connected to a seven-speed gearbox.

“I’m humbled that I’ve been in this industry for so many years and the fans just keep coming back for more. For this next chapter of Gymkhana, I wanted to go above and beyond what we’ve done in the past. I know I say it every time, but this one really will be our biggest and best video yet,” explained Block. “Through my partnership with Pennzoil, we were able to take Gymkhana to a place we haven’t been, with a car we haven’t used. I’ve had a passion for the Cosworth for years because of its rally roots, and I think the fans are going to be stoked when they see the full film.”

For the tenth video in Block’s Gymkhana series he is planning a global video assault with five different locations and using five different Ford vehicles. In the teaser video (watch it below) we spot his now famous Hoonicorn Mustang, and the Cosworth Escort he debuted at SEMA, but there’s also a quick pan shot of a ’70s Ford pickup, which we can’t wait to hear more about as production continues on the video. Currently, Gymkhana 10 is planned for a fall 2018 debut.

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“As a new partner, we’re so excited that Ken decided to bring Pennzoil on the journey of developing this milestone video. With each new installment, Ken has proven that he’s a pioneer in our industry, which made this moment at our Shell “Pioneering Performance” pavilion so special,” said Colin Abraham, President, Shell Lubricants Americas. “With more than 500,000,000 combined views (and counting) on his award-winning Gymkhana franchise, we’re certain Gymkhana TEN will be his best yet.”

Earlier in 2017, Pennzoil teamed up with Ken Block and Hoonigan Racing Division as the official motor oil for Block and the team. Block made the switch to Pennzoil to protect his vehicles as they pound the pavement, whether he’s hooning in a Gymkhana video or competing in stage rallies. Pennzoil motor oils are technologically advanced products formulated to withstand extreme circumstances. Most recently, Pennzoil and Block teamed up to take his Gymkhana-style video off-road with the debut of Terrakhana. The dirt covered video featured Block freestyling his way through the desert terrain of Swing Arm City, Utah, in his custom-built Ford Fiesta RX43.