Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 23, 2017

When most of us purchase a Mustang, we buy it with certain goals in mind. We don’t buy it to see how quick we can get to the grocery store. Well, that does seem to play into our goals, but that’s not the intended purpose. Getting to the grocery store quicker is just a byproduct. We just want our Mustang quicker today than it was yesterday.

For Jeff Smith, and “Pumpkin,” his 2004 Competition Orange Cobra, the end goal has always been to get into the 9s. He has worked, refined, tested, and added the necessary parts and pieces to make it a reality. Finally, at the most recent Mod Nationals at South Georgia Motorsports Park, Jeff was able to push the Pumpkin into the 9-second zone.

The proof is in the time slip. Jeff Smith and the Pumpkin finally ran in the 9s at the Mod Nationals, and not just once, but three times. Consistent short times in the high-1.40s certainly help, thanks to a Maximum Motorsports suspension combined with new Hoosier Quick Time Pro D.O.T. 27x11.5-15s on 15x9 Welds.

Jeff’s 27,000-mile Cobra features a stock long block, 20 pounds of boost from a VMP supercharger, a Bassani exhaust, a return-style fuel system running E85, a Tremec Magnum six-speed transmission, a McLeod RXT1200 clutch, and a fully-fortified IRS. The IRS boasts an Eaton TrueTrac differential, Driveshaft Shop Level 5 axles, and everything Maximum Motorsports makes for the car, including up front, as well.

Two recent changes have helped get the Pumpkin into the 9s; those being the addition of Hoosier Quick Time Pro D.O.T. 27×11.5-15s on his 15×9 Weld wheels and the other addition being a PNR Welding ice tank to help cool the intake charge. Of course, Jeff also says the track prep at SGMP was on point, which also helped to get the Pumpkin into the single digits.

At the Mod Nationals, Jeff ran in the Driver Mod class. During qualifying for Driver Mod Jeff ran his first 9-second pass, followed by another 9-second pass during a test and tune run in preparation for Modular True Street. His third 9-second pass came Saturday morning. Even though his 9-second passes weren’t enough to get him in the money at Mod Nationals, running 9s was Jeff’s ultimate goal.

Congrats on the 9s, Jeff. What now?