Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 23, 2017
Photos By: Manufacturer

Our world is made up of engine and trans swaps of all sorts. Coyote engine swaps, five- and six-speed manual trans swaps behind your original small-block (or big-block!), and so forth. Finding the proper bellhousing to mate your new engine or new transmission, or both, used to be a chore. Measurements, digging through catalogs, asking for help from people that performed a similar swap were all ways we’d try to find the correct answer and hope we got it right. Well no more struggling with this age-old issue thanks to the folks at QuickTime.

The new Bellhousing Selector is simple and easy to use. Just select your engine make and displacement along with the manual transmission you’re using from the drop down menus and the software does the rest; offering the correct part for your swap.

The new Bellhousing Selector from QuickTime puts hard-to-find and even one-of-a-kind applications right at your fingertips. Just enter your engine manufacturer, engine type, and transmission here, and up pops the exact bellhousing for your specific application. It’s easy to use and found online at

All QuickTime bellhousings keep the engine and transmission in perfect alignment throughout the entire rpm range, eliminating accelerated drivetrain wear caused by bellhousing flex. They easily withstand even the most extreme stresses generated by high-horsepower street and race engines and feature patented spun-cone construction for twice the strength of ordinary rolled or stamped steel bellhousings. They’re even available in SFI-rated versions and can be ordered with inspection-window access panels. And if you happen to be the first to come up with an all-new engine/transmission combination that requires something other than an off-the-shelf bellhousing, QuickTime can custom-build one specifically for your unique application.