Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
December 27, 2016
Photos By: Manufacturer

Racers know how important tire pressure is to a well handling car. Whether it is road course racing, or getting those drag slicks/radials dialed in for the perfect launch, tire pressure is critical to great handling and traction. More importantly on your daily driver, however, is maintaining the correct tire pressures for stability, handling, and even tire wear. Having too low or too high a pressure can severely affect the life of your tires. Over inflation will quickly wear out the middle of the tire, while under inflation will wear the outer edges. We strongly recommend using the factory tire pressure values, usually found in the glove box, owner’s manual, or door jamb, but if you have aftermarket wheels and tires or have a drastically modified vehicle (ride height, curb weight, etc.) you might have to play with your tire pressures a little to get the best tread wear and traction.

Of course the only way you’re going to know what tire pressures you’re running is with a quality tire pressure gauge. Checking your tire pressures with a dial gauge allows for quick reading of your tire’s pressure and many include a bleed valve to relieve over-inflation directly while reading the tire pressure. It is also recommended to check your tire pressure when cold as well. Auto Meter’s new line of mechanical tire pressure gauges features a performance gauge face to the 2 ¼-inch body. The body is protected by a shock-dampening easy-to-grip rubber housing, while a 13 ¾-inch long stainless steel braided line is used for easy reading of the gauge while connected to your tire’s valve stem. The mechanical gauges are available in several max value readings (0-15 psi for racing tires, 0-60 for performance radials, etc.) and come in a reusable protective plastic storage box with foam padding.

The easy to read Auto Meter mechanical tire pressure gauge features a white face very similar to the brand’s Phantom line of instruments.

Auto Meter Mechanical Tire Pressure Gauge Part Numbers:
2159 0-15 psi, 2.25-inch face, 13.75-inch stainless braided hose $30.95
2160 0-60 psi, 2.25-inch face, 13.75-inch stainless braided hose $30.95
2162 0-40 psi, 2.25-inch face, 13.75-inch stainless braided hose $30.95
2164 0-100 psi, 2.25-inch face, 13.75-inch stainless braided hose $30.95
2343 0-60 psi, 2.25-inch face, angled chuck $24.95