1965 Ford Mustang Georgia Shaker
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
November 10, 2016

Few drag racers are as cemented into Mustang lore as Hubert Platt, nicknamed the “Georgia Shaker.” A legit moonshiner turned drag racer; he started with Chevys in 1960, and soon turned to the Blue Oval with an R-code Galaxie, then an honest-to-God Thunderbolt, a Falcon, and finally, a Mustang in 1965. Late in that year, Platt built the tube-chassis, steel-bodied, long-nose 1965 Mustang you see here and powered it with a fuel-injected 427 engine. This was a popular car nationwide that was known for its wild wheelstanding starts. As with his previous cars, it was called the Georgia Shaker. We found this photo in the TEN archives of Platt and the Georgia Shaker Mustang running a Mopar at Irwindale Raceway in California on February 14, 1966. It was shot for Car Craft magazine by Darryl Norenberg. This steel Mustang was soon followed by one of the world’s first “funny cars” with a two-piece fiberglass body.