Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 29, 2016

In business since 1942, Stoner Inc. was founded by Paul Stoner after earning a chemistry degree from Franklin and Marshall College. Initially, Stoner specialized in printing inks, and then a lubricant designed for the tire retread industry. Over time, Stoner’s business model changed according to customer needs, which lead to the company’s shift toward the car care product industry.

We’ve used Stoner’s Invisible Glass in the past, and found it to be a great product. With its new Invisible Glass Clean & Repel, now you can make your Mustang’s glass invisible, and repel rain, sleet, and snow. Invisible Glass Clean & Repel is designed to give your Mustang’s glass a streak-free shine, along with a hydrophobic coating to shed water faster than untreated glass. The product is also designed to displace various road grime, bugs, and animal droppings, and keep them from becoming permanent fixtures on your glass.

These days, Stoner formulates over 300 products for both the automotive and household. Fortunately, the company places heavy emphasis on the automotive market to help keep our Mustangs clean and ready for the next event.

Recently, Stoner Car Care has revamped its product line for a more uniform look to make its products more recognizable, both on the shelf of your local parts store, and on Amazon. At the most recent AAPEX show in Las Vegas, we were able to check out Stoner’s latest products aimed at the automotive market. Make them a part of your car care regimen, and you’ll clearly see great results.

If you drive your Mustang on a regular basis, at some point you’re going to have an issue with road tar. When you get road tar on your Mustang most car wash blends spread the problem, not clean it off. Stoner’s Tarminator is designed to remove tar, sap, grease, and other road grime regular car wash blends aren’t able to touch.