Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 4, 2016

Few names are as well-known in the automotive aftermarket as Hurst. From the company’s legendary shifters to its long line of serialized muscle cars from today and days gone by, when you hear the Hurst name, you automatically think performance. For Ford fans, to experience the Hurst name we have mostly had to purchase one of the company’s shifters, but that has changed.

With the Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code, we too can get the full Hurst experience. Well, at least 50 of us.

This rear shot showcase’s Hurst’s Daytona Aero rear spoiler, side splitters, rear diffuser, and the car’s quad-tipped axle-back exhaust. The Hurst gold body accents and emblems lets everyone know this is not your average Mustang.
The hungry beast of a Kenne Bell 3.2-liter supercharger is fed via a Mammoth intake system consisting of a 168mm throttle-body and 5-inch air intake. The CARB-certified and 50-state legal combination is god for 750 horsepower.

Right off the bat, let’s talk about horsepower, with a Kenne Bell 3.2-liter supercharged Coyote under the hood that puts you at the controls of a 750hp mean machine. However, the best thing is that even if you live in California, you can get the keys to the mansion since this package is 50-state legal, and CARB-certified. Along with the supercharger, increased air is brought in via a Kenne Bell 168mm throttle-body and the company’s Mammoth 5-inch inlet. The Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code is available with either a six-speed manual or 6R80 automatic.

However, unlike Hurst cars from yesteryear, the Kenne Bell R-Code is more than just a powerful Mustang. The car’s exterior features a plethora of aerodynamic upgrades, along with Hurst Stunner chrome wheels with gold accents. The front wheels measure 20x9, while the rears come in at 20x10. The tires of choice are Nitto’s NT555 G2 in 265/35ZR 20 front, and 305/30ZR20 rear. To accentuate the combination of the Hurst-accentuated S550’s body with the wheel and tire combination, the R-Code feature’s Hurst’s Stage 1 gold powder coated lowering springs.

In true Hurst fashion, exclusivity is the name of the game, and the company’s magic number is again 50. The Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code is built and available through GSS Supercars [760.612.6365]. Get one fast, before they all disappear into the sunset.

The wheels are Hurst’s Stunner wheel in chrome with gold accents to match the exterior. Nitto NT555 G2 treads live at each corner.
If you want a Mustang that will stand out, the Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code will definitely accomplish that goal for you.