Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
November 3, 2016
Photos By: Owner

Matt Land was in high school back in 2005 and was looking for his first car. While all his friends were fascinated with the import scene thanks to the Fast and Furious movie franchise, Matt wanted a muscle car. He had narrowed his choice down to either a 1970 Chevelle with a small-block V-8 or a 1967 Mustang with an inline-six. Obviously, he was leaning towards the V-8 option, as what high school student worth his parking permit doesn’t want a nice rumbling V-8 to pull into school with every day? “When it came down to going to look at these cars my mom, who was supposed to be my ride, was nowhere to be found. After an hour or so, she came pulling up in what was to be my Grabber Blue 1967 Mustang. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it,” Matt tells us of how he ended up with the Mustang instead. It was probably inevitable anyway, as Matt’s dad had a 1967 S-code 390 big-block fastback back in the day, but sold it in the early 1980s before Matt was born.

When Matt first got his 1967 hardtop it was painted Grabber Blue, as you can see in this old photograph Matt shared with us.

During that first year of ownership Matt would take the Mustang out after his mom left for work (sorry mom!) and pick up his friends to just cruise around town and be seen in his Mustang. “Looking back, if I had a V-8 during high school I probably would have killed me or the car; I’m sure many car guys can relate,” Matt states. Throughout his remaining high school years Matt built a 289 V-8 in his garage using SRP forged pistons, mild cam, four-barrel carb, and an aluminum intake. More recently, over the past few years, Matt has upgraded the hardtop with a T-5 five-speed conversion, all Grab-a-Trak suspension, and all the right bits to convert to V-8 components (brakes, fuel lines, etc.). Matt’s future plans for the car are to finish up some interior work and repair some minor rust issues in the floor boards. Ultimately, Matt wants to make it a pro-touring type of car. “Eventually, when I have kids, I would love to have a father and son or daughter project and pass it down to the new generation of car guys/girls,” Matt says.

Originally an inline-six that he drove through his high school years, the hardtop now runs a nicely built 289 with four-barrel carb and backed by a late-model Mustang’s T-5 five-speed manual trans.
The interior has seen a few upgrades, such as MP Custom Products’ door panels, a Hurst flat-stick shifter with cue ball knob, and a modern single DIN radio. Matt’s looking forward to more interior updates courtesy of his Branda $200 gift certificate too!

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