Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 23, 2016

Just in time for the holiday season, Meguiar’s releases car care packages designed to keep your or your significant other’s Mustang looking good. This line of car care packages has everything you need to take care of your Mustang’s exterior and interior. So when you have exhausted your list of Christmas presents for yourself or your favorite Mustang enthusiast, here are a few ideas to make sure you have everything on their list.

Meguiar’s Clean & Shine Car Cleaning Kit includes the company’s Deep Car Wash, Gold Class Quik Wax, Quik Interior Detailer, and Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner. Sold exclusively through Kmart and Sears stores, the Clean & Shine Car Cleaning Kit is the least expensive of the three we’ll list here. At just $15, it’s the perfect gift for someone you only like a little.

Regardless of the car care kit you choose, Meguiar’s has the products you need in order to keep your Mustang clean. We present three just in time to put under the tree for your favorite Mustang enthusiast.

For those you care about a little more, there’s either Meguiar’s Show & Shine Car Cleaning Kit ($19.97), or the company’s Premium Auto Care Kit ($19.99). Both of these car care kits feature the same products, but with different names due to their product placement. Both kits include Hot Shine Foam, Ultimate Quik Detailer, Gold Class Car Wash, Ultimate Quik Wax, Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner, Quik Interior Detailer, and a car wash sponge.

The difference between the two is that the Show & Shine Car Cleaning Kit is exclusively available at Walmart, while the Premium Auto Care Kit is only available at Target.