Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
November 22, 2016
Photos By: Courtesy of Acme Diecast

We’ve been hanging around the water cooler here at comparing Christmas wish lists with fellow staffers when the email chime went off on our smart phones with this beauty in our inbox. Acme Trading Company has offered numerous Mustang diecasts in the past and is responsible for reviving the famed GMP Diecast name and its product line as well. While this latest piece won’t hit dealers until around March, you can certainly ask your better half to order it for you now as a Christmas present. We’d certainly not have a problem doing that!

Trans-Am racing in the mid 1960s was exciting with major support from Ford and GM battling it out on tracks across the U.S. The stands were full of fans that saw “their” car fighting for the win, making it a popular race series for many. For 1968 Dan Gurney’s time behind the wheel of a Mustang was a new one, having driven Mercury Cougars in 1967. Acme Trading Company’s latest diecast (PN GL-12987, $74.95) preserves Gurney’s Watkins Glen spec Trans-Am Mustang in its purest form. Featuring newly tooled pieces like the roll cage, racing seat, exhaust, and more, the diecast also has opening doors, hood, and trunk, poseable steering, and a detailed engine and interior.