Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 17, 2016

Virginia International Raceway (VIR) is legendary in the minds of road course fans. VIR is a 3.27-mile road course located in Alton, Virginia, just south of Danville, with smaller course configurations intertwined into it. VIR initially opened in 1957, and closed in 1974. Fortunately, it was reopened in 2000 to host amateur and professional auto and motorcycle racing events. With several elevation changes throughout the course, and blind corners, VIR is the perfect course to hone your open track skills. That’s exactly why SVT Cobra Mustang Club (SCMC) founder Tony Sorrentino chose VIR as the place to hold his events each year.

JLT Performance’s Jay Tucker had his 2016 Shelby GT350 at Full Throttle Fall Fest looking to make some laps after reconfiguring his car’s oil cooler lines. Jay tried to thwart the recent recall issued by Ford about the GT350’s oil cooler line concerns. He replaced the factory lines with single hoses to make sure all the Voodoo engine’s lifeblood stayed in the engine. After a couple sessions, everything looked good. Unfortunately, coming down the front straight Jay noticed he was trailing smoke. He quickly shut off the engine, and pulled off the track. The cause of the leak wasn’t readily apparent at the track, but after closer inspection back home it appears one of the fittings cracked where it mounts to the engine block. Jay believes the engine is totally fine, and he’s making plans to get the car back out to the next event at VIR.

Tony hosts the Full Throttle Fall Fest, along with the SVT Superfest at VIR each year. The SVT Superfest takes place in April, while the Full Throttle Fall Fest takes place in November. The club also hosts a February event at VIR, but that’s a track-only event. The SCMC encompasses SVT Cobra, Shelby GT/GT350/GT500, and Boss 302s. If you don’t have any of those, don’t fret, Track Club USA is SCMC’s non-SVT vehicle group. Therefore, fun is possible for everyone.

For the Full Throttle Fall Fest, Tony tells us the vent boasted 100 on-track participants, and also 40 cars in the car show. “The spring event is larger,” Tony says, “And includes a Ferrari Challenge group of participants.” The spring SVT Superfest event will take place at VIR April 21st-23rd, 2017. Make your plans now.

Mustangs of all shapes and sizes participated at the Full Throttle Fall Fest at VIR. Fox, SN95, New Edge, S197, and S550 Mustangs were in every class segment, even early Mustangs, as well. Your next chance to get on track with the SCMC is at the SVT Superfest at VIR next April.
We know Mike Rousch from his days chasing championships as an integral part of John Urist’s Street Outlaw program. Mike’s first open track event was the 2014 SVT Superfest. He’s been hooked ever since. “I came up through the HPDE ranks in NASA, and started racing American Iron the first of this year,” Mike says. He finished 2nd in points for the year after winning two races, sitting on the poll at several races, and many 2nd and 3rd place finishes. The engine in Mike’s S197 is just a basic Coyote engine with a Boss intake, a JLT Performance cold air intake, long-tube headers, E85, and his own custom tune. Behind the Coyote is a MT-82 with a MGW Race-spec shifter. Besides those mentioned, Mike also enjoys sponsorship from SCT, Mustang Don’s Garage, and Blowfish Racing. “Tony’s events are a lot of fun, and the group of racers make it worth coming back each time,” Mike says.

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