Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
November 21, 2016

Casual automotive people may know Adam Carolla as a previous host of Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky, a nationally syndicated and very popular radio show. Carolla is also a comedian and, more importantly, a huge car freak, mostly focusing on historic Datsun/Nissan race cars and anything ever driven by Paul Newman. In fact, his first documentary was all about Paul Newman’s racing career (not the acting he was so famous for), and it is fantastic. (Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman can be seen on Amazon Prime and elsewhere.)

Carolla’s latest is another racing film telling the most legendary story in the Ford universe. The 24 Hour War documents the Ford/Ferrari rivalry at Le Mans in the late-1960s, one of the most famous rivalries in racing history. It started in 1963 when Henry Ford II tried to buy Ferrari to save the ailing Ford Motor Company, which was being crushed by GM and the Corvette on the track and at the dealerships. After months of negotiation, Enzo Ferrari said no, refusing to allow Ford to interfere with what he loved the most: racing. Henry Ford II was furious and vowed to build a racecar that would dethrone Ferrari. And he did.

The film tells the parallel stories of Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari and how they got to where they were in the automotive industry, and also how racing was instrumental in the birth and growth of both companies. It features interviews with many of the players behind the scenes on both sides, including Enzo’s son Piero Ferrari, who rarely does interviews. We also hear from drivers like Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti, Bob Bondurant, Pete Brock, and plenty more, and of course there’s vintage footage of Carroll Shelby showing how he created the Cobra and helped the GT40 win after its crushing defeat the first trip to LeMans. The saddest moment of the film may be how it points out how legendary Shelby driver Ken Miles was totally screwed out of winning the race and therefore the “Triple Crown” of racing that year (Sebring, Daytona and LeMans), all in the name of a photo op.

We saw The 24 Hour War at its premier at the Chinese theater in Hollywood a few months ago and it’s worth the time for any Ford and/or racing fan to watch. The film will be available for rent, stream, or purchase on on Tuesday, November 22, 2016. It’s available for pre-sale there now at a $2 discount and also available for pre-sale on iTunes, and will be on all digital platforms after that. We strongly suggest you check it out.