Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
November 17, 2016

As we walked the endless isles of speed parts, restoration bits, and other wish list goodies for our Mustangs it is easy to get lost in the giant sea of new products that is the SEMA show. However, there’s a whole north hall dedicated to such things as window tint, vinyl wrap, diecast toys and accessories and such as well (and we rarely have time to venture over there too sadly). The SEMA show isn’t just performance and restoration parts either. There are manufacturers like Sears/Craftsman on hand with display booths full of tools, tool storage, and more that are the perfect complement for getting said parts installed on your Mustang.

This year Craftsman hosted a media lunch where we were invited to sit in on the announcement of several new products. Everything from Sears’ new Diehard tire line, to Craftsman tool storage with connected technology that allows quick locking/unlocking via your smart phone (similar to Ford’s Intelligent Access system with key fob seen on the 2015 and up Mustangs). It was certainly an eye opener for us who traditionally consider tool storage nothing more than a metal box with a key lock. See the product photos and captions below for further details.

The highlight (for us anyway!) was the launch of the Craftsman Pro Series Connected Tool Storage units. Available in a 26-inch wide 9-drawer combo, 41-inch wide 17-drawer combo (shown here), and a 52-inch wide 20-drawer combo, they feature Smart Lock technology that allows key-free locking/unlocking and can even be programmed to unlock/lock at specific work schedule times.
As this booth sign shows, the new Pro Series is extremely competitive against the popular Snap-on storage commonly sold to pro users. While geared towards line techs and other pros, if you like quality built tool storage for home use the new Craftsman Pro Series should be on your list to check out.

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