Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
November 2, 2016

Several years ago, Holley got serious in the engine swap world, developing a ton of very popular GM LS swap kits for musclecars, and now they’re entering the Ford universe by building a Mustang to develop Coyote complete engine swap kits.

This beautiful blue fastback was done so nicely that it’s hard for us to call it a “mule vehicle,” but that was its purpose during the build. Holley’s Ricky Best told us, “We’ve done tons of LS swap kits and parts, including kits to swap the LS into the Fox-body Mustang of all things, but this car represents our first dive into the Coyote swap market. The Coyote swap kit will include engine mounts, transmission crossmember, high-end stainless steel Hooker headers, a complete Hooker exhaust system, and Holley’s fuel injection—everything you’ll need to comfortably swap a Coyote into first-gen Mustangs and also Fox bodies.”

Of course that won’t include the suspension parts to eliminate the shock towers in an early Mustang, which is required to make the Coyote fit, but Best said, “whatever other mods need to be made, we’ll provide that information with the kit.”

The Fox body kit will be the first one developed, followed soon after by the first-gen kit, which Holley is planning to have available “sometime in 2017.”

Regarding the Coyote engine, Holley also showed us an addition to their existing Sniper lineup of intake manifolds, which are fabricated sheetmetal intakes meant primarily for boosted (turbochaged or supercharged) engines. The new Sniper is an upgraded version of the existing manifold with 20-percent more plenum volume with a removable lid and thicker, 14-gauge material and double-welded seams (inside and out) for higher boost pressure, meaning north of 30 psi.