Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 8, 2016

As we’ve mentioned on here recently, Billy “Ticket Taker” Driscoll suffered a crash at Orlando last year. He’s spent the time since the crash assessing the damage and working on a plan to get the car repaired and back to the track. At the same time, though, he’s revamped several aspects of the car in preparation for its reintroduction. Prior to the accident, Billy competed in X275, but for the car’s reintroduction, he’s aiming at Ultimate Street (Ultra Street, in some circles).

To get the chassis back in order the car has spent some quality time at Doug Carty Race Cars so Doug and his daughter Cheyenne could cut out the old 25.5 mild steel cage, and weld in a 25.3 chrome-moly cage in its place. With the damage from the crash along the front end and rear quarter panel, the front section had to be redone, as did the mini-tubs. The front section was also constructed of chrome-moly, not mild steel. All new stainless steel headers were also built for the car, since Billy’s previous combination centered around a single turbocharger.

Doug Carty Race Cars removed the car’s 25.5 mild-steel roll cage, and replaced it with a chrome-moly 25.3 roll cage. With Ultimate Street and Ultra Street times now in the 4.70s-4.80s, safety was of the utmost concern, along with getting the car down to the allowed 3,050 fighting weight.

Before the accident, Billy’s car still had many street car aspects to it, but this time around, revamping the car’s weight was priority. To that end, a Schoneck Composites fiberglass dash, and a one-piece front end and hood was added to the car. For X275, Billy’s car had to weigh in at 3,250 pounds, but with the Vortech YSi on the car now, and running Ultimate Street, he can weigh in at 3,050 pounds. That’s why the car was put on a diet while getting the needed repairs.

To further cut weight, the exterior was treated to a Schoneck Composites one-piece front end and hood, and a fiberglass dash. The next time you see the car on Mustang-360.com, it will be wearing fresh paint.

Once Doug Carty Race Cars is totally finished with its part, Billy’s car will be headed to a “local Maaco” for its fresh paint scheme. It’s not really getting painted at Maaco, but we have to leave some meat on the bone for the next update. If you know Billy Driscoll, you know the car will look killer when it’s finished. The plan is to have the car race-ready for the U.S. Street Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park in January of 2017.

We’ll have another update once the car is wearing its new paint. Stay tuned.