Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
November 17, 2016
Photos By: Al Rogers

Even though it has the word Corvette right in the name, the Muscle Car and (cough) Corvette Nationals (MCACN) is the place to be if you’re a fan of all musclecars, and especially Mustangs.

The April 2015 cover photo of Mustang Monthly was taken at the 2014 MCACN show where they had every color of Boss 429 Mustang represented, and last year was an equally incredible collection of Boss 302s, but every year has something unexpected and amazing for Ford and Mustang lovers, 2016 included.

Brian and Samantha Styles’ one-of-one 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 convertible has been re-restored and will be shown at the 2016 MCACN show. (Al Rogers photo)

The MCACN show is this Saturday, November 19 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois (right next door to O’Hare Airport) and organizer Bob Ashton gave us a glimpse into what to expect. After reading this, you’ll want to beat feet to Chi-town this weekend!

First off is a Boss 351 Invitational featuring Boss 351s in every RPO color except for white (though he’s working on getting a white one confirmed), plus one in a special order color, plus a Cars of Carroll Shelby Invitational that organizer Bob Ashton promised will be spectacular, several of the cars being shown for the very first time. In the Shelby Invitational will also be Bryan and Samantha Style’s re-restored G.T. 500 convertible, the one and only fully documented 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 convertible in existence. That one will have an extra special party thrown in its honor and there are many more things at this show that, if you’re reading this, you’ll want to see, so if you can’t make it to Chicago, watch this website and also Mustang Monthly’s Facebook page for more on the special Mustangs, Fords, and the entire MCACN show.