Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 28, 2016
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He may be only 11 years old, but James Buffington of Naylor, MO, already has a rock star ride to call his own—a 1969 Mustang Mach 1—and has been chosen as the September 2016 winner of our Generation-M contest sponsored by Tony D. Branda Shelby & Mustang Parts! The Mustang was actually James’ grandfather’s project that sat for nearly 30 years. The Mustang was disassembled for a project that never got off the ground and James’ father, Corey, decided to buy the Mustang off of his own father for a father and son project with his son. “I can remember going to get the car with my dad when I was younger than my son (about 28 years ago) and then he found a Boss 302 a couple years later that he bought,” Corey explains. So now that the Mustang has been pulled from the barn and moved to Corey’s recently completed home shop, Corey and his son James have been hard at it.

The 1969 Mach 1 has seen better days sitting outside, but James, along with his dad Corey, are itching to get started on the build of the Mustang that was once Corey’s dad’s unfinished project.
Digging it out of hibernation, Corey and his son James trailered the project back to their home and into Corey’s recently completed home shop.

The SportsRoof is currently being prepped for soda blasting so they can determine the true condition of the body from all those years of sitting idle at Grandpa’s place. The H-code Mach is destined to be a pro-touring type of build Corey tells us. With the purchase of the car from his father came an unassembled Boss 302 engine, complete with N.O.S. service block, heads brand new in their boxes, and more that Corey’s father purchased nearly three decades ago for the project he never started. The Boss 302 engine is going to get a stroker kit during assembly and some form of EFI, Corey and James tell us. The stroked Boss will be backed with Tremec manual transmission, either a five-speed or possibly a six-speed we’re told. For suspension the plan is a full Heidts front and rear suspension. “We have decided to paint it to match my dad’s old 1967 Mustang he had. It will be red with flat black hood. We hope to have it rolling and the body work done this coming year (2017) and finish the interior and motor the following (2018).

Submit your Generation-M video to us and you may just win your own $200 gift certificate from Tony D. Branda Shelby & Mustang Parts, just like James did. Keep it simple and just tell us about yourself and your project and give us a “walk around” of your Mustang. A video from your cell phone is just fine for this, no need to spend hours editing a video submission here! Upload it to our Facebook page and mention “Generation-M Contest” in your post so we can easily spot it. We pick a new winner each month! Good luck!

04 The Boss 302 block is an N.O.S. service block and their plans are for a nice stroker crank to swing some pistons and rods from, bolt on the original Boss heads, and then add some sort of EFI, most likely a throttle body/carb type setup on an aftermarket Boss 302 intake.