Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
October 14, 2016

If you like Fox Mustangs, Kannapolis, North Carolina is where you need to be this weekend for the 6th Annual Foxtoberfest, hosted by Fox Mustang Restoration. Foxtoberfest is the only all-Fox Mustang event, and could present you the opportunity to feast your eyes on over 350 Fox Mustangs.

Foxtoberfest takes place Saturday October 15th, 2016, but the festivities really kick-off Friday October 14th with a Fox-Body yard sale at Fox Mustang Restoration’s location at 105 Pine Forest Road in Locust, North Carolina. The yard sale takes place from 12-4, and gives you an opportunity to score some parts for your Fox project.

After the yard sale everyone will cruise over to Cabarrus Brewing Company in Concord, North Carolina for an evening of exchanging lies and enjoying adult beverages. Cabarrus Brewing Company is roughly 30 minutes from Fox Mustang Restoration, which will give attendees to stretch the legs of their Fox.

We’re sure there will be plenty of Coyote-swap Foxes at Foxtoberfest, like that of Anthony McDaniel’s Fox GT convertible. Of course, Anthony’s features a supercharged Coyote engine, and is one of the cleanest Foxes you’ll ever see.

On Saturday October 15th, the show gets down at Intimidators Stadium in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and runs from 9AM-3PM. Car show registration is $20 at the gate, and last year’s car count came in at 310, so you could see over 350 Fox cars at the show on Saturday. The best thing about Foxtoberfest, besides being the only all-Fox show, is that the event accepts any Fox vehicle, regardless of their stage of restoration.

Therefore, you’ll be able to see Fox cars in various stages, from fully-built street/strip cars, to multi-colored, still-working-on-it, projects. Come join us, we’ll be there, too, checking out our favorite Fox Mustangs.

Mark Archila’s Fox coupe will be just one of many to make an appearance at Foxtoberfest. You’ll see so many coupes you’ll think you’ve died and gone to Fox coupe heaven. However, there will also be a ton of LX hatches, GTs, and 1993 Cobras. There will be early Fox Four-Eye cars, as well. If you love Fox cars, and don’t make it to Foxtoberfest, you’re missing out. However, we’ll bring you the action both online and in your favorite magazine, Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords.