Shelby Gt350 Recall
Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
October 27, 2016

Every once in a while, something slips through quality control at our favorite automaker, and a vehicle recall is in order. Sometimes the recall is for a minor issue, and other times, a recall can be for something a bit more serious.

In this case involving the top Mustang at the moment, the 2015-2017 Shelby GT350/GT350R, is for the replacement of the car’s oil cooler tube assembly. The recall applies to the 8,000 or so GT350/350Rs to inspect for oil leaks and replace the oil cooler intake tube assembly. Ford says that in affected vehicles, the oil cooler tube assembly may have insufficient crimps on the hose that could lead to oil loss. Of course, oil loss can lead to engine failure, and in the right (or wrong) instances, this issue could lead to fire, as well.

Affected vehicles include 2015-2017 Shelby GT350/350Rs built at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant from February 24th, 2015 to August 30th, 2016. In all, the recall affects 8,026 vehicles, and repairs will be made at no cost to car owners.