Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 29, 2016
Photos By: Michael Irvine Studios

When it comes to automotive art, Michael Irvine’s paintings have some of the most interesting backgrounds you’ll ever find. A cross between a “Where’s Waldo” and an automotive treasure hunt, you can spend hours combing through the rich details finding all manner of little visual “treats” in Michael’s work. It’s that detail and tongue-in-cheek design—and we can’t forget the great titles for each piece either—that have earned Michael’s studio a long list of fans rabid for his next piece in a series.

Snakin’ Through the Snow, the third installment in Michael’s Now and Then series, features two iconic Shelby Mustangs; the 1968 big-block G.T. 500KR and the extremely limited 2008 Shelby GT500KR 40th anniversary counterpart captured in this dynamic, vibrant watercolor painting. Set on an ice and snow covered winding mountain road, Snakin’ Through The Snow captures two of Ford’s finest Kings of the Road with some cool reflections and a few hidden gems that Michael’s work is known for.

The Limited Edition Print arrives on acid free stock ready for your framing. The print is signed, numbered, and includes Michael’s studio seal embossed.

In 1968 Ford added the 428 Cobra Jet engine option to the G.T. 500 distinguishing the car with the letters KR, standing for King of the Road. It has been said that Carroll heard a rumor that GM was going to use King of the Road for the 1968 Corvette, and when he found out that KR and King of the Road weren’t trademarked he jumped at the chance to trademark them and use them on the new G.T. 500 KR. In 2008, in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the original King of the Road, Ford released the 540 hp retro designed Shelby GT500KR.

Part of Michael’s Now and Then series are these great reflections, showing the vintage versus modern muscle of each Shelby in the vehicle’s reflections in the icy road.

Michael chose to feature these cars handling the dangerous curves of a still ice-covered road, each one’s reflection its other generation counterpart. “Ford has definitely kept the muscle car alive with its continuous production of the Mustang. With the recent retro styling by the Big 3, we’ve seen some impressive examples of modern muscle. I started this series with the 1969 and 2010 Camaros. I planned on doing a painting featuring the Shelby, but didn't really know what direction to take it. When the Hellcat was released, the mirage idea came to me right away. So, I had the Camaros on a rain slicked road, the Challengers in the desert with a mirage acting as a reflection, it seemed logical that my next ‘mirrored surface’ would be black ice! And what better cars to hug the curves and handle the slippery slopes than the 'Kings of the Road', the classic and modern Shelby GT500KR,” Michael says of his latest piece.

Each limited edition reproduction print is individually signed and numbered by Michael Irvine and embossed with Michael’s studio seal and ships with a certificate of authenticity. Additionally, Michael’s studio offers artist proofs (with custom Remarque) and a gallery edition canvas print.

A treat in all Michael Irvine pieces are subtle nods to the subject matter, often found in reflections of the body panels or signage. For Snakin’ Through the Snow Michael tweaked the typical road sign to give it a bit of a snake flair!

Limited Edition Print (only 800 produced)
Overall size: 32x21
Image size: 28x16
10pt satin finish, acid free, museum quality stock
Choice of available print number (the last three digits of VIN numbers have been very popular)
Price: $150 US

Artist Proof with Custom Remarque (only 20 released)
Overall size: 32x2
Image size: 28x16
10pt satin finish, acid free, museum quality stock
Remarques are custom, created to order, and can be done in pencil or painted in watercolor: single Remarque $500 US, double Remarque $750 US

Gallery Edition Canvas (only 50 produced)
Size: 59x34 (All the detail at more than twice the size!)
Heavy weight, acid free, archival quality canvas, stretched & ready to hang, authentic Giclée and authentic Michael Irvine Reproduction Certificates of Authenticity
Price: $1,500