Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
September 22, 2016

The NMRA stands for National Mustang Racers Association. As a Mustang magazine, the NMRA and its followers are right in our wheelhouse. However, when it comes to LS-swapped Mustangs, it is usually met with dismay from both us and the NMRA. As a general rule, we’re hardcore Ford, and LS-swapped Mustangs have no place in this magazine, or at an NMRA event. Well, hold up just a second.

No, we’re not going to start featuring LS-swapped Mustangs; never have, and never will, for that matter. However, at the NMRA’s All-Ford World Finals, the NMRA is making a concession in the name of increased competition. The class is called Outlaw True Street, and is sponsored by ididit.

The rules for Outlaw True Street are the same as the traditional True Street class. Competitors must complete a 30-mile cruise, but beyond the traditional rules, the Outlaw True Street class takes on, well, an outlaw persona. As mentioned, heretic Mustangs with non-Ford engines are allowed, and instead of being a quarter-mile class, Outlaw True Street will be an eighth-mile, grudge-style, No-Time class. Racers will get their side of the time slip, but no times will be shown. Competitors will draw names from a hat for heads-up, elimination rounds. Yes, you read that right, Outlaw True Street, after competitors return from the 30-mile cruise, the class becomes a heads-up category.

Anyone registered and participating in the QA1 True Street class can jump into ididit Outlaw True Street. True Street competitors won’t have to complete another 30-mile cruise in order to participate, either. We need as many of the regular True Street competitors to participate in Outlaw True Street so a swap car doesn’t win, and take home the $2,500 top cash prize.

The rules for the ididit Outlaw True Street are simple. Any Ford-bodied, or Ford-powered vehicle can jump in, and if you are already in the QA1 True Street class, you don’t have to complete another 30-mile cruise, and yes, you can run True Street, and the Outlaw True Street class. Racers must run on a 275/28x10.5 DOT-approved tire, and a stock-style rear suspension must be in place. However, ladder bars are allowed, and traditional tubular K-members are allowed, as well. The car’s stock firewall must be in place, though.

The Outlaw True Street class pays $2,500 to the winner, while the runner-up will take home $750. The Outlaw True Street class will compete as part of the NMRA’s Grudge Night Saturday October 1st at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

“We’re excited to bring this new category to NMRA and help enhance the Grudge Night,” said Rollie Miller, General Manager of the NMRA Keystone Automotive Ford Drag Racing Series. “Our goal is to get as many Mustang and Ford enthusiasts participating at our events and this is one more reason for them to make the trip to Beech Bend Raceway September 29– October 2.”

An LS-swap car better not win Outlaw True Street, so let’s go hardcore Ford racers, it’s time to show them swap cars what’s up!