Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
August 24, 2016

You name it, and Tim Matherly’s probably raced it. Back in the day he raced early Mustangs, but like many of us, his first hit at the wheel of a Fox Mustang set in motion a lifestyle that continues to this day. He’s used nitrous and been a huge ProCharger supporter, but he recently made the switch to NMRA Coyote Stock, where he’s starting to find his groove. If his racing history tells us anything, that doesn’t bode well for his fellow Coyote Stock racers.

Tim raced Pro 5.0 way back in the day before you were born, and before all the tube-chassis cars put the glorified street cars out to pasture. He raced NMRA Real Street, battling it out with Bruce Hemminger every year for the championship. He raced in NMRA Renegade, trying to make a stick car competitive. Comparatively speaking, Tim making a Coyote Stock pass is probably akin to the rest of us riding a tricycle. It might be fun, but it feels painfully slow. However, Tim’s a stick racer, and that’s what he likes. When he heard Joe Charles was stepping out of competition, he jumped at the chance to get back in the car in which he had so much Real Street success. Joe and Tim have traded the car back and forth a few times, so Tim is intimately familiar with the car, and how it works.

Speaking of Tim’s Real Street days, he reinstalled the championship-winning Metco upper and lower control arms out back, and the MPS Auto Salvage-sponsored Mustang now has a full Hooker exhaust system. Tim also receives sponsorship help from DiabloSport, which is the software he uses to tune cars at his shop, MV Performance in Winder, Georgia. Tim also made the switch to the newly Coyote Stock-legal G-Force G101A transmission, combined with a Ram Pro Street clutch, and a Long shifter. Stepping into the Coyote Stock car, Tim had to relearn when to shift a car. With his Renegade car, he shifted it at 9,200 rpm! Of course, a stock Coyote engine won’t rev that high, especially with a rev limiter in place.

When he first started out in Coyote Stock at last year’s NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing, he was running in the 10.70-range; well off the pace. However, getting used to the car, and “A lot of tuning in the driver seat, and clutch adjustments,” as Tim tells it, he won the most recent Super Bowl race at Route 66 Raceway a year after making his debut. Tim currently sits fifth in Coyote Stock points with just the NMRA World Finals to go, which means he’s out of the championship hunt. However, if he’s able to do well at that race, that will set him up for a return to championship form for the 2017 NMRA season. We’ll be watching.