Ford Mustang Rear Lower Control Arms
Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 10, 2016
Photos By: MPS Auto Salvage

Searching eBay for Mustang parts is a daily ritual for many of us. We may have completely restored or built custom Mustangs in our garage, but far be it to let a deal slip through our fingers for some Mustang part we might just need—someday—maybe—if the part on our Mustang ever fails. Yeah, that’s what we tell our wives too when the box shows up and is delivered by Mr. UPS driver a few days later. Hey, she has her shoe collection; I have my spare Mustang parts collection!

Today’s eBay find is yet another mint part from the hoarders at MPS Auto Salvage (and we mean that in a VERY respectful one Mustang fan to another!). Known around the Mustang community for all manner of salvage parts and Mustang part-out deals like Coyote drivetrains, black interior conversions, and much more, MPS has also have been known to strike a deal or two with Mustang builders like Saleen, Roush, and others for stock take-off parts over the years.

The MPS auction is for take-off “near” NOS rear lower control arms for 1979-1998 Mustangs. These are OE Ford control arms with Ford logo stamping, etc.—perfect for a restoration or those that demand stock Ford replacement parts. These have zero miles on them and as you can see are in assembly line new like condition, having been stored for several years. The auction states limited quantities, so if your bushings are shot, or you’re looking to freshen up that rear suspension (or like us just want to buy a set to sock away for “someday”) then this auction is for you!