Ford 427 Sohc Engine For Sale
Tom Shaw
August 16, 2016

Should we stumble upon a way-back machine, we’ll be sure to set the dial for March 1968 when Ford offered what may have been the bargain of the century. Offered over the counter was part number C6AE-6007-359J, a dual four-barrel version of the extraordinary 427 SOHC engine, ready to run.

Intended to be phased in as a factory option during the 1964 model year, the 427 SOHC engine, know among Ford enthusiasts as the “Cammer,” was dropped like a hot potato when NASCAR’s Bill France disallowed the engine. Existing production found some success in drag racing, and a few more went into rods and street mods. By spring of 1968, Ford had other engines in the pipeline and was ready to dispose of the leftover Cammers for $3,395, a little better than half of the average household income of $5,571.76 that year.