Mustang 6 Association State Chapter Oklahoma
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
August 11, 2016
Photos By: Terry Reinhart

The Mustang 6 Association (M6A) is a group of Mustang fans that are all about the six-cylinder Mustangs, both new and old—if it has six spark plugs under the hood and a pony on the grille, the M6A has a place for it. And now, they just established their first state chapter, the Oklahoma Chapter of M6A.

Club president Terry Reinhart said, “Because the Oklahoma Mustang Club was so instrumental in helping M6A come out of the virtual world and into the ‘real’ world, I only thought it would be fitting that Oklahoma be our first State Chapter. The State Chapters will give M6A members from that state an opportunity to meet and get together to attend shows and other events to represent and further spread the word about M6A to the Mustang community. They will also be the backbone for any Regional Shows that are held in their state.”

There are certain requirements that must be met by a group wanting to form a State Chapter, they are listed on M6A’s website under State Chapters. We are already having members from Virginia and Texas showing interest in forming a Chapter in their states. Also, because of the club’s growth, Reinhart felt it was time to establish by-laws for M6A, that consist of all the guidelines for the operation of and being a member of M6A. They also include the requirements and procedures for the establishment of a State Chapter of M6A.