S197 Mustang Cup Holder Ebay
Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
July 29, 2016

It has happened to us on numerous occasions. You’re tooling down the road in your S197 Mustang with an ice-cold drink for the long ride home from work when you need to bang through a couple of gears to pass someone or make that highway merge a little more fun. Unfortunately, that Cherry Coke Slurpee in your center console’s factory cupholder is completely in the way of getting your gear on, and short of having a passenger hold your frozen concoction you are pretty much hosed on getting through the gears in a decent pace.

So, we were doing our daily eBay surfing for cool Mustang finds when we spotted this little gem from our friends at MPS Auto Salvage. It’s a plastic molded cupholder designed for S197 Mustangs that mounts (tool-free, we might add!) on the side of the console. The plastic cupholder just tucks under the console lip and wedges into the carpet by the looks of the auction images and holds the typical water or soda bottle, which means it’ll hold that Slurpee or your favorite cup of joe from Buckies or Dunkin.

Check it out. The eBay item number is 141599392371. This particular listing is the 2011-2014 version, but they offer one for 2005-2010 interiors as well.