Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
June 30, 2016
Photos By: Timeless Kustoms

/ ˈviSHəs /
deliberately cruel or violent.
"a vicious assault"
synonyms: ferocious; violent; malicious; severe; wicked; immoral

The dictionary’s definition of the word pretty much sums up the Mustang project currently underway at Timeless Kustoms in Southern California, for owner Chris Marechal. The builders at Timeless are in crunch time as we write this in the effort to debut the car at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas (November 1-4), so it’s all A-holes and elbows over there, but we managed to wrangle a few photos and timelapse videos out of them to show the Mustang 360 readers how cool this thing is going to be.

The backbone of the fastback is a full Art Morrison IRS chassis that uses modified Corvette suspension components to allow it to play in the big leagues of the pro touring crowd, while the power will be coming from a Ford Racing Coyote 5.0L engine that features compound charging via a Magnuson roots-style blower on top fed by two Precision Turbo turbos. The stated power goal is 1,000 horsepower, which should be a piece of cake with that induction system and overall package.

The transmission is equally radical—it’s an EMCO Gears DV46 six-speed sequential gearbox that features precision dog clutch shifting and essentially eliminates the possibility of missed shifts. Yes, it’s hideously expensive (around $24,000), but damn it’s cool! Aeromotive is supplying the fuel system, MagnaFlow the exhaust (aft of the custom headers and turbos at least), and that trick trans is outfitted with a Centerforce DYAD clutch.

The team at Timeless Kustoms and their marketing agency Kahn Media are documenting the progress of the build and will have a series of in-depth videos coming out leading up to the SEMA Show, and we’ll bring them all to you here at

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