Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
June 30, 2016
Photos By: Owner

Cassie Lee Allen sent us these photos of a ’65 fastback that she’s currently working on through Red’s Restorations and Customs out of Charlotte, NC (, and it looks like it’s going to be a nice one. The work on this car is happening in Cassie’s home garage, so that she can balance the resto work with her growing real estate business, and she’s doing all of the metal work and fabrication herself. She told us, “What is unique about this car is the owner is wanting to save the original date codes. Any new metal I put into the car will have the date codes salvaged from the stock metal, and along with saving the date codes I'll be transferring any differences in the reproduction sheetmetal also. At some point someone installed new sheetmetal on the car incorrectly. I'll be taking the car back down to the rails and starting over again. My goal is to have the car look as original as possible even after installing all new metal.”

The Mustang is a C-code (289 2bbl) with a four-speed and Pony interior, dealer-installed air conditioning, and power steering. While Cassie is doing the work on the car at home, the owner is a customer of Red’s, a restoration shop that, in Cassie’s words, does, “anything from basic mechanic work to full builds. We only send out our motor/trans/upholstery work, but the rest stays in house. I enjoy the fabrication side of the builds but I do everything. One week I could be welding and the next I could be blocking a car for paint. It's a small shop so wearing many hats is just part of the job.”

As the car comes along, we’ll try and bring you occasional updates. If you’re reading this and you have a cool Mustang project in progress, let us know about by emailing information and photos to

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