Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 10, 2016

Late last week the Mustang world was rocked by the announcement of not one, but two different Mustang museums posting their intentions via social media and various Mustang forums. Both entities are private organizations with no affiliation with Ford or the Mustang Club of America and both are planning a large facility that will hold not only cars from every Mustang generation, but displays of Mustang engines, technology, and more, many of the displays interactive. The news has been a long time coming, as the last major museum effort was more than 15 years ago and grew into a major back-and-forth on museum location and more that eventually saw the effort fall apart.

The first announcement we got wind of is of the Mustang Museum of America effort underway in Odenville, Alabama. The principal behind the Mustang Museum of America effort is Bob Powell and his sons Jonathan and Gary. Powell, an Alabama native, returned to the area upon retirement from his job in Tampa, Florida. Already a Mustang enthusiast and collector when living in Tampa, Bob’s personal collection of Mustangs, including a large assortment of Fox-era SSP (police/highway patrol) cars, currently numbers in the 70s. The goal for the Mustang Museum of America is to display roughly 100 Mustangs showcasing all six generations, including specialty cars based on the Mustang platform.

Currently the Mustang Museum of America has procured property off of U.S. 411 in Odenville. The five-acre site will include an L-shaped museum building with roughly two acres set aside for parking. Outdoor car shows and more are planned for the grounds. The goal right now is to finish the building plans and get construction going so that they can open in the spring of 2017. Follow the museum’s efforts at its Facebook page at

The second museum announcement made last week was from The National Mustang Museum. This effort is being spearheaded by Ron Bramlett and Steve Hall, both organizers of the MCA’s 50th Anniversary Mustang events in 2014. Bramlett, as many know, is the owner of Mustangs Plus in Stockton, California, while Hall handles the MCA’s marketing efforts through his Down the Road Marketing. Both have been quietly working together since shortly after the 50the celebrations to make this museum a reality. The National Mustang Museum is set to be built in Concord, North Carolina, just a few miles from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Land has been spec’d out and permitting is currently in process with the hopes to begin building plans for the property soon.

Plans for the North Carolina facility include a rotating exhibit of cars, memorabilia, and more. Interactive exhibits are planned, as are Mustang club and community events. Annual events, including the possibility of driving events in partnership with nearby Charlotte Motor Speedway have been discussed as well. You can sign up for The National Mustang Museum’s email newsletter on its website to stay up to date with any and all news coming from the organization and its goal to open by summer of 2017.

We wish both venues success and will keep our readers updated on the progress of both museums and hope to check them out personally in 2017!