Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 27, 2016

Readers’ Album has been a mainstay of Mustang Monthly from the beginning. Over the decades we’ve published thousands of reader-supplied Mustang photos and their proud stories. From daily drivers and even mid-build projects to rare concours-level Mustangs, no matter what a Mustang enthusiast owns, drives, races, or shows, we’ve welcomed it in our Readers’ Album department. It’s been several years now, but we’re planning for a large, multi-page Readers’ Album celebration in an upcoming issue and we need YOUR help. We’re looking for Readers’ Album submissions, not only for our monthly department, but for this big feature theme in an upcoming issue. We can’t do this without the submissions from our readers, so take a few minutes and send in some nice images of your Mustangs along with a few details.

Images should be photographed early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is low, with the sun behind you (but watch out for your shadow encroaching into your “frame”). The best image is what we call a “front ¾ view”, which shows not only the Mustang’s profile, but the front of the car as well. Be sure the background is clean; you want the focus to be the car, not a row of bright green recycling bins next to the car. Photograph the car on pavement (driveway, cul-de-sac, unfinished housing development street, etc.) and not on grass or in a field—you don’t drive it on grassso why photography it there? We’ve provided sample imagery below. An image from a smart phone is fine, as long as it is a decent image sensor/quality and shot on the highest resolution, though an actual digital camera image is preferred. Do not edit the photos or reduce their size at all before sending them to us. Besides the main car image, feel free to send us shots of the engine and interior if you feel your car merits it. We often add outstanding interior and engine photos to our “featured car” in Readers’ Album.

Along with the photo(s) be sure and provide some basic details on your Mustang. Start with the year, exterior color, and driveline features (IE: 1967 hardtop, Lime Gold, 289 with C4 automatic and 8-inch rear), then add in any options, modifications, etc. that the Mustang has, and then wrap it up with a few sentences on how you found the car, why you bought it, any other Mustangs in the family, etc. Lastly, be sure to give us your full name and your location with city and state, and also contact information. Email this info and your images to with “Readers’ Album Entry” as the subject line and be on the lookout for your entry in a future issue!

While a sharp car, this silver 1965 fastback has its hood open, disturbing the car’s lines. It was also snapped at a cruise-in with a bunch of other car and people cluttering the image. Remember, your car is the star, so photograph it by itself!
This image was taken with a pro-sumer level DSLR camera (think Canon Rebel, etc.) and a 200mm or longer lens. The lens and aperture settings help soften the background, making the car the focal point of the image. Just remember to get the lighting and angle right, and don’t cut off the ends of the car in your photo.
Our final example is a simple smart phone image of a nice fastback photographed in the street in front of the owner’s residence. This is a clean and easy to snap photo, keeping the light behind the camera, the front ¾ view in mind, and no distracting backgrounds.