Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 27, 2016

For some today is just another “hump day” that means the weekend is one day closer. However, for Ford enthusiasts April 27th—AKA 4/27—is a day to celebrate all things 427 FE. From the Ford cars the 427 was installed in, to NASCAR victories, and even the original 427 Cobra, you’ll no doubt be seeing posts all over the web and social media from Ford fans wishing each other a “happy 4/27 day” for sure. But it’s not just that one day we get to celebrate either. There are several notable days on the calendar for Ford enthusiasts to swoon about.

On 4/27 us Ford fans get to celebrate the 427 in all of its iterations (Medium Riser, High Riser, Side Oiler) but the dream 427 is Ford’s SOHC “Cammer”, as seen here on display at Don Garlits’ museum in Ocala, Florida
Coming up next is 4/28, where we can celebrate the 428FE as well.

The most interesting facet of celebrating a special day like this is that Ford indeed has so many of them on the traditional Gregorian calendar system. Sure, small-block GM people can celebrate 3/02, 3/05, 3/07, and 3/27, while GM’s big-blocks get 4/09 and 4/27, but that’s it. All of the GM engine dimensions north of those engines don’t align with any true date (sorry big-block GM guys, there’s no April 54th). Same can be said for the Mopar fans. Sure, they get to celebrate the slant-six on 2/25, their small-block on 3/18, early Hemi on 3/31, the RB on 4/13, and the Elephant on 4/26, but that’s even less days on the calendar than GM! So it’s great to be able to celebrate Ford’s various small- and big-block engine offerings, including SEVEN engines in the month of April, including three FE big-blocks!

So, take a look at this list of Ford engine “dates” and be sure to mark your calendars and help celebrate these infamous V-8 engines with your fellow Ford enthusiasts (and your GM and Mopar friends if you want to start a little Facebook squabble!). Sadly, I don’t think any of these are eligible for paid time off from your work, but that’s what sick days are for, right?

Continuing this week will be the 429 (here in a supercharged Boss variety) which we can all share on 4/29.
We’ve already passed 3/02 and 4/10, but be sure to note them on your calendar for 2017 and beyond!

Ford Calendar “Dates” Ford Engine Line
2/21 221ci Windsor Small-Block
3/2 302ci Windsor Small-Block
3/6 306ci Lincoln-Zephyr V-12
3/12 312ci Y-Block
3/17 317ci Lincoln Y-Block
4/6 406ci FE Big-Block
4/10 410ci MEL and 410ci FE Big-Block
4/14 414ci Lincoln L-Head V-12
4/27 427ci FE big-Block
4/28 428ci FE Big-Block
4/29 429ci 385-Series Big-Block
4/30 430ci MEL Big-Block