John Gilbert Staff Editor
March 22, 2016

Hey Hoonigan fans! Why waste time doing homework or brushing your teeth when you can join in on the action. Here’s how.

Copy and paste it into Giphy at

Use the sliders to select the start time of the video and duration of your GIF. If you want, add a caption by typing in the Caption field and then clicking the + button. You can reposition your caption, edit the text, or remove the caption. Get creative!

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Need inspiration to pick your favorite spot? Watch it again!

Ken Block Biography

Ken Block was born in Long Beach, California; now at 48, Block has always been involved in sports starting from a very young age, maybe even before he was born. Among Ken’s earliest of athletic endeavors was shooting the poles on a steel-wheeled Roller Derby skateboard at local grammar schools where pursuing school authorities attempting to apprehend the young Block helped him to hone his rapid escape skills. Later in life Mr. Block pursued snowboarding, motocross and skiing with an abnormally high voracious appetite towards winning.

Not disaffected from California, but leaving on his own terms, Block now lives in Utah in a stylish domicile complete with its own private snowboarding park, known as DC Mountain Lab. Ken has two dogs Yuki and Bentley, plus a random assortment of feral critters indigenous to the vicinity. Thanks to a partnership with the Ford Motor Company Ken owns a fierce Ford F-150 Raptor outfitted with caterpillar tracks to traverse snowy mountains at the drop of a checkered flag.

Ken Block co-founded DC Shoes (not associated with DC comics) in 2004, an active sportswear company renowned for its association with extreme skateboarding and snowboarding. After the business grew and was acquired by Quicksilver, Block stayed on as Chief Brand Officer for several years.