John Gilbert Staff Editor
March 11, 2016

The venue for the 31st annual Fabulous Fords Forever show is Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California and there couldn’t be a more appropriate location than Knott’s for a golden state held all Ford mega-spectacle. Right in the middle of the Model T Ford’s multi-year production run, the Knott family bought their farm’s 20-acre plot in 1920. Early photos of Walter and wife Cordelia Knott depict the couple alongside of Walter’s trusty Model T. In 1957 Knott’s Americana farm themed amusement park paid homage to Henry Ford’s Model T, opening Henry’s Livery Ride, the better answer to Disneyland’s Autopia because kids steered the scaled-down 1912 Model T Fords as opposed to Disney’s track-guided Autopia cars.

The jog Highway 39 or Beach Boulevard as its more commonly known that veered around Henry’s Livery Ride made way in 1978 for Highway 39 to straighten its path and add lanes leaving every SoCal gearhead kid’s favorite Knott’s ride just a memory. That said, there’s every bit of Ford nostalgia still to be found at Fabulous Fords Forever. Don’t miss it, they’re expecting over 1,900 vehicles with the emphasis on all years of Mustang’s to exhibit this year.

But hurry, because there’s just a little over a month left before the 31st annual Fabulous Fords Forever takes place on April 17, 2016. Remember the show is absolutely free for spectators and is held at Knott’s Berry Farm in the north parking lot of Independence Hall.

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