Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 16, 2016

We’ve been a big fan of the Dream Giveaway program for many years. Not only do their sweepstakes help many charities and deserving people, but every year they make some car enthusiast’s dream come true by pulling their winning ticket for one of their sweepstakes. Yes, Dream Giveaway holds several of them throughout the year with the main players being Ford, GM, and Dodge featuring matching classic and modern muscle cars along with enough cash to cover Uncle Sam’s cut of the winnings. There are often smaller single car sweepstakes or unique entries like the dream garage setup, or off-road truck and motorcycle combo, so it pays to check out the Dream Giveaway website at often!

We recently visited the Dream Giveaway garage to check in on its Mustang sweepstakes, which features a 1965 Mustang GT fastback with the desirable K-code solid lifter 289 “Hi-Po” engine option, and a matching 2015 Mustang GT Limited Edition 50th Anniversary package and $30,000 to cover taxes. We were able to take the cars out for some driving evaluation and a little fun before the Dream Giveaway people locked them away for safe keeping and a good detailing for when they pick the sweepstakes winner soon. That’s right, the current Dream Giveaway 2015 Mustang sweepstakes ends on February 29th, 2016. That’s just a couple of weeks from now! Check out the video posted here and be sure to have a pen and paper ready, as we’ll provide you with a promo code at the end of the video to DOUBLE your ticket purchase for those buying last minute entries! Oh, and don’t fret if you aren’t the winner of the 2015 Mustang package, as we spied in the corner of the Dream Giveaway garage a pair of red Shelby Mustangs (a 1967 G.T. 350 and a 2016 GT350) being prepped for the 2016 sweepstakes!

Fear not if you’re not the lucky winner of the 2015 Dream Giveaway Mustang Sweepstakes. The Dream Giveaway folks are already hard at work on the 2016 Mustang sweepstakes rides! We spotted this immaculate 1967 G.T. 350 in the corner of the garage, while its modern day homage, the 2016 GT350, was in a work area getting some minor tweaks to help it match its older sibling (vintage emblems, brake cooling ducts, etc.).