John Gilbert Staff Editor
February 11, 2016

Which has less original miles on it, a new U.S.-made Iraqi Army tank used only once to flee ISIS at high speeds from Ramadi or the drivetrain out of a NASCAR Cup car? We’re not sure, but we do know it’s a lot easier to buy once-raced NASCAR driveline parts than it would be to retake U.S. Army vehicles abandoned by Iraqi soldiers.

The hotline to used Roush Yates Racing parts is (877) 604-8077 or go online to SRI isn’t selling parts for pennies on the dollar, but half-off-new prices isn’t bad. The point to stress is these are near-new state-of-the-art parts that have been modified by the best guys in the business who know all the right tweaks to incorporate. Take for example back when carburetors were still used in NASCAR, the guy to go-to for a super-trick carb got $10,000, and the thing was sealed up, so the secrets couldn’t get out. Not in the market to build a race engine part-by-part? There are also complete engines available.

For the folks that like to hang NASCAR celebrity-run parts on the walls of their man caves as art, almost all of the parts are tagged as to specs—which car they came out of and from what race.

Either way, for a person that has built a real-deal race engine or bid at Barrett-Jackson for provenance-drenched automobilia, here’s an excellent opportunity to save some serious coin, and get the cool goods to boot.

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