Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
December 17, 2015

We showed you the new bodies from PG Customs & Bodies International in our coverage of the SEMA show, and just got news that the company is currently in stages to build a true turnkey, wide-body Mustang that is widened at the rockers through the doors and fenders at one inch on each side (two inches total). The front fenders and rear quarters are widened for a bulge look and include two-inch mini tubs to fit a four-inch wider than stock tire in the rear. The extra metal in the front allows you to run a two- to three-inch wider tire up there. You can buy the body shell as well as the individual wide-body components to outfit your own car, but the best news is that with the new federal legislation, PG is going to build turnkey cars. Meaning you can buy a brand new 1965 to 1970 Mustang built however you want it—wide-body or bone stock.

While all of the body shell companies get their sheetmetal from the same places (Taiwan mostly), PG is different in that they weld the panels together on jigs in their Decatur, Texas location, paying particular attention to make sure they fit perfectly and are 100-percent like Ford Motor Company did back in the day. PG also offers a variety of non-factory options like extra bracing and other details per the customer’s specifications. Say you’re building a 1,000hp restomod and need some extra strength where it counts; PG can do that.

To advertise and kickoff the new car offerings, PG is building a 1968 Mustang called “Wilder” that will be entered in the 2016 SEMA Battle of the Builders competition, and then put it up for sale at the Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction in January ’17. We’ll bring you more details as the project is being built, and we’ve got more news from PG that they won’t let us talk about yet, so stay tuned to this website and Mustang Monthly magazine. If you want more information on PG, check out their website at