John Gilbert Staff Editor
December 21, 2015

Not a single stone can go unturned before a vehicle can be introduced to market. If there’s anything we’ve learned from interacting with OEM and specialty automobile constructors about the manufacturing process there’s a million hoops and incredibly stringent requirements they have to jump through in order to meet government regulations.

Even on the most mundane of boring safety-sedans considerations such as door handle designs that will not scoop, and pluck a pedestrian from a crosswalk, or ensuring a taillight lens refractive angle is DOT compliant under all conditions the rules must be obeyed.

Based on these seemingly minor demands one can image the intense amount of work it takes to ensure a limited production car like the 670-horsepower 2016 Roush Stage 3 Mustang meets 50-state EPA certification, but that’s exactly what Roush just announced.

From Roush Performance’s Plymouth Township, Michigan headquarters the company released its, “670-horsepower supercharged 5.0L V8 2016 Roush Stage 3 Mustangs have obtained EPA certification in all 50 states.”

Earning 50-state vehicle emissions and ongoing emissions diagnostics certifications ensures emissions compliance and fault detection for the full useful life (120,000 miles) of the vehicle emissions system as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Emissions certification as an MOR, (Manufacturer of Record), requires Roush to meet the same standards as original equipment manufacturers like Ford Motor Company. Gary Jurick, president of Roush Performance spoke, “Having this certification is important, as it allows us to build Roush Mustangs as pre-titled vehicles. The level of engineering, durability and compliance testing necessary to meet strict 50-state emissions certifications from CARB and the EPA is a prerequisite for enabling our dealers to sell a Roush Mustang as a new vehicle.”

The entire 2016 Roush Stage 3 Mustang is built to Roush’s exacting standards at its manufacturing facility just east of Detroit, Michigan. Well-trained professionals build each Roush vehicle with a high degree of repeatability, reproducibility, and traceability. Once built, each vehicle must then pass through an extensive end-of-line review and inspection process before being shipped to the customer.

“We test everything to a vehicle manufacturer’s standard,” says Justin Schroeder, vehicle director of ROUSH Performance. ”Superchargers, exhaust systems, suspension, wheels, even the decals, are tested to guarantee quality. Emissions, however, is a critical piece that’s a core component to our manufacturing. You can’t skip that step because ROUSH is a performance vehicle manufacturer, not a tuner.”

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