Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
December 15, 2015

Ford’s latest ad campaign, Ford by Design, features television, print, and social spots on the majority of its car line, including the Mustang, Fusion, and Focus. The campaign has recently launched a new portion of the campaign where Joe or Jane Sixpack can hop onto and design a digital billboard advertisement featuring one of several Ford product images, graphics, and colors. You even get to select from several major cities where these digital billboards are currently installed. Once Ford displays your ad they even take a “billboard selfie” via a remotely mounted webcam and email it to you to share with your friends on social media. We took a few minutes out of our work schedule to play with the new website and it’s actually pretty cool. Not as cool as the Mustang Customizer website, but still pretty nifty and you can tell your friends your Mustang billboard was in Times Square!

The landing page goes through some brief animated instructions, and then finishes with the “Let’s Get Started” icon.
You begin by picking a city. The only location we know for sure at this point is the NYC location is Times Square. Apparently the San Francisco location is near the Golden Gate Bridge, but we’re not sure of the other digital sign locations in the remaining cities. If you’ve seen them post in the comments below!
Next of course you choose a car. As noted, you have the option of the Fusion, Focus, and Mustang, in several trim options. For the Mustang you can choose a yellow GT, a blue GT350, or a white GT350R with over body stripes. We chose the blue GT350 for our Miami billboard. Later we did a Fusion billboard for Times Square.
Background designs are limited to chalk, smoke, and fractal designs. The chalk is like an eraser full of chalk hitting a blackboard, while the smoke is more like a ribbon of smoke. Each of the three designs features multiple color options.
After you pick a color (or colors) and apply it you can click on a preview. The preview for our GT350 is shown here. If you like it, click next and input your first name, last initial, email address (so Ford can email you a selfie image of your billboard) and your ZIP code. If you want to modify the image or start over you can.