John Gilbert Staff Editor
November 6, 2015

We’re not just saying this because it’s Vegas, but one look at Goolsby Customs’ 1969 2+2 fastback and it was a sure bet a Mustang would be winning the Mothers Shine Award this year. Right from SEMA 2015’s opening day the good vibes were there, every model of Ford was filling the convention center floors with tough competition to beat.

This year marks the 14th annual presentation of the Mothers Shine Award, and the bronze trophy created by Steven John Posson for Mothers only goes to one very special vehicle—this year it was Tim and CiCi Spencer’s 1969 Mustang powered by a 5.0 Coyote engine with a Getrag 6-speed transmission. Detroit Speed was the source for suspension components aided with Baer Brakes. The silver metallic finish is custom-mixed Glasurit under a clear topcoat with chrome plating accomplished by Advanced Plating of Nashville, Tennessee. The fully custom leather upholstery is by M&M Hot Rod Interiors.

Every single vehicle entered into the SEMA Show is a candidate for the Mothers Shine Award with entry blanks included in the exhibitors show package as the cars are moved in. If an exhibitor chooses to compete they fill out the entry blank and stick it to the inside of their windshield. Mothers’ army of judges canvas indoors and outdoors to select winners for Mothers Choice Awards. In Mothers’ words, “These winners are finalists for the Shine Award, which represent the very best of the best here at SEMA. Second, we announce who among the Mothers Choice Award winners will receive the 2015 Shine Award.”

The judging is based on overall appearance, attention to detail, integration of custom and stock elements, quality of paint finish, creative vision, and execution of concept. It does not matter what brand of polish products are used on these cars, what location they are in at the show inside or outside. If it on display here at SEMA it will be considered and reviewed by our judges.”