Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 28, 2015

There surely isn’t a shortage of books about the Mustang available, and sometimes you just have to pick one or two out of several interesting titles to add to your collection. Well the new Art of the Mustang, written by Donald Farr and photographed by Tom Loeser is absolutely one of those titles you should consider on your short list of Mustang book purchases this fall.

Art of the Mustang is a unique book in that it isn’t just about a certain model year or even a specific generation, but looks at all 50 years of Mustang production with a variety of Mustangs being photographed. Some are museum quality concours restorations, some are drivers with a little wear and tear, and there’s even a barn find fresh from the barn, dirt leaves and all, featured among the almost 30 Mustangs within the book’s covers. No matter what your favorite year, or years, Art of the Mustang features something for everyone. You’ll see first generation Mustangs and Shelbys, Boss cars, Mach 1s, and more. Late-model Mustangs include Fox-era, SN-95, New Edge, including specialty models, right up to the new 50th anniversary edition 2015 Mustang.

The Art of the Mustang features expertly written Mustang details and historical info from none other than Donald Farr, long-time Mustang expert and author of Mustang 50 Years, Mustang Boss 302: Ford's Trans-Am Ponycar, and several other well received titles. Donald’s firsthand knowledge of Mustang production and historical information makes for a great, well-informed read.

Images are many and include engine, interior, and details like on this Boss 302. The original advertising material laced throughout offers a glimpse at the history of Mustang as well.

Art of the Mustang is full of gorgeous studio photography from photographer Tom Loeser. His beautiful “light-painted” images provide the most stunning look you can get of these ponies without seeing them in person. Light painting is a type of photography where an extended shutter speed is used and then a separate light source (flashlight, LED light, glow stick, etc.) is used to “paint” on the surface of the photograph—in this case details of the Mustangs being photographed in a studio. The end result is something spectacular and not seen in ordinary Mustang books.

A hardcover format title from Quarto Publishing/Motorbooks ( with 240 pages and 235 color photos, Art of the Mustang is available now from your favorite book retailer. The standard edition is $50 and the limited edition copy, which features hand numbering of the limited 500 copies, as-well-as signatures of both Donald Farr and Tom Loeser, plus four frame-able images from the book, is $150. Quarto does offer a club discount program for 50 percent off of retail pricing, but the order and payment must come from one club member. This makes for a great deal if several members wish to buy the title or you want to use Art of the Mustang (or other Motorbooks titles) for a fundraising program.