Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 19, 2015
Photos By: Scott Shaffer

Editor’s Note: The Mustang Six Association (M6A) is a large and growing group of Mustang enthusiasts that hold the Mustang’s base six-cylinder engine close to their hearts. From vintage Mustang inline-sixes to the latest DOHC 3.7L V-6 found in the new Mustang, all six-cylinder Mustang owners are welcomed to participate. Besides a monthly newsletter and recently launched forum, the M6A holds events throughout the year. This past September, 2015 the M6A group held their inaugural “national show” in conjunction with the Oklahoma Mustang Club (OMC). M6A members came from as far as Florida and Canada to meet in Mustang, Oklahoma. The M6A planned a Pony Drive the Friday before the show. Terry Reinhart, president of the M6A, shared his notes on the Pony Drive with us. For more information be sure to check out the M6A at

On Friday Sept 11th, 18 M6A cars went on a Pony Drive, where we stopped at several tourist destinations in Oklahoma City, including the Oklahoma City National Memorial, The Centennial Land Run, and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Bill James had set up our Pony Drive to start at 8:00 AM Friday morning. There was a prediction of rain in the morning, so at the last minute he had to rearrange everything so we could start at noon. We all met at the host hotel and 18 M6A cars headed out. Our first stop was Braums, a hamburger place for lunch. From there we headed down the famous Route 66 to our first stop, the National Cowboy & Western Museum. Upon arriving we were met with a wonderful surprise, Jessica Conner-Summerfold, and some others from the OMC club, were waiting for us to take pictures of our cars by a mural outside the museum. On top of that, she gave each of us the picture which she put in a frame at the Hospitality Dinner that evening. While we didn’t have time to take a tour of the museum, we did get a chance to stretch our legs and talk with each other before we got ready to head out to our next stop, the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

Bill led the Pony Drive to the Oklahoma City National Memorial via a route that took us by some other sites in Oklahoma City; one of them was Oklahoma’s State Capitol building. We were told the capitol building was built in 1917, in 1998 construction began on the dome and was finished in 2001. Oklahoma is the only state capital in the U.S. to have active oil wells on its grounds. Our visit to the Oklahoma City National Memorial was the most somber part of the Pony Drive, for me there was a combination of emotions, hatred for those responsible for the bombing, sorrow for the families of the victims, great pride for all the hero’s that came to help during that tragic day of April 19, 1995 and the days after, and determination that the people of Oklahoma City had to move forward.

There are two walls on either end of the reflecting pool one has 9:01 engraved on it and the other 9:03, the truck bomb exploded at 9:02. We were told by the National Parks guide that 9:01 represents the gates opening, the space between the walls represents time standing still and 9:03 represents the time the healing began for the people of Oklahoma City. Our visit there was made more poignant because we were there on September 11th, the day our country was attacked by terrorists in 2001.

The last stop on our Pony Drive was the Centennial Land Run Monument that commemorated the opening of the Unassigned Land in Oklahoma Territory with the Land Run of 1889. It is one of the world’s largest bronze sculptures, featuring 45 heroic figures of land run participants, frozen in motion as they race to claim new homesteads. The sculptures are much larger than life, and the detailing on them is amazing. We arrived back at the hotel around 4:00 PM and had a chance to rest a bit and get ready for the Hospitality Banquet that the OMC was doing for all the car show participants. We were treated to pork barbeque, and lots of homemade sides brought by OMC members. To say the least, everyone left with full stomachs!

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