John Gilbert Staff Editor
October 28, 2015

No SEMA show is complete without all of the corny pre-show media hype. So here goes, Sin City Vegas clichés are revved up and ready to accelerate into the annals of SEMA show history. That out of the way, check out this fine stable of hot concept Mustangs herding to SEMA 2015. And because we value your readership we’re skipping the corny clichés and presenting the unmolested, unedited, unabbreviated versions of the captions that go with the following eight images intact for your reading pleasure.

A Four-Cylinder EcoBoost Mustang with 900 Horsepower. 900 Horsepower — What else can we say? Tripling the power of the EcoBoost Mustang is the result of Bisimoto’s drive to create reliable high performance parts for the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. In all, Bisimoto designed 14 new parts for their #FordSEMA show car for the engine and chassis. They continue their tradition of creating awe-inspiring vehicles with this super powerful “BisiBoost” Mustang.
No junk in this trunk: Motoroso offers a connected car with one-of-a-kind Mustang GT with 727 Horsepower. This stallion finds the balance between extreme performance, street-ability and style featuring a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine delivering 727 horsepower! It rides on stylish 21-inch red candy Rotiform SPF wheels and includes an Eibach spring kit to pull it all together.
Size Does Matter: TS Designs Mustang features some rockin’ hips with three extra inches to love. A wide backside gives the TS Designs Mustang not only great curves but also allows this pony to run with massive 13-inch wide rear tires. The extra wide rear tires coupled with the Steeda Autosports Stage 3 Handling Package and lowering springs ensure traction will not be an issue when this baby is out carving up canyon roads. The seductive red and black two-tone theme will encourage the top to be always down on this hot drop-top.
This black and blue beauty will have everyone green with envy. This is no my little pony, the mean Pure Black with Brilliant Blue contrast Mustang GT convertible means business with its striking appearance. Featuring a wild but delectable blue interior in fine Trevino leather and Miko Suede, this Mustang will have you riding in comfort while you wait for the right time to unleash its 725 untamed ponies.
The ultimate EcoBoost Mustang; Ice Nine Group creates a white hot 475 horsepower monster. Inspired by DTM touring car series and the all-new Shelby GT350R, the Ice Nine Group transformed this EcoBoost fastback into a 475 wheel-horsepower track assault weapon. This stallion features everything you would need to tear up the track; the heavily tuned powertrain is highlighted by a Garrett GTX3076R turbo.
5-0 rolling in a 2.3, DRAGG delivers an EcoBoost Mustang you don’t want to see in your rearview mirror. The sexiest police vehicle you will see outside of Dubai, the DRAGG Mustang brings the best of performance and fuel economy to the law. Tricked-out with a sleek design and custom police lighting this interceptor is capable of drawing your attention quickly whether it is behind you with lights blazing or handling parade duty. The “Thin Blue Line” theme for this Ford SEMA show car really adds character to the exterior and interior trim of this intimidating law enforcer.
Clean, beautiful lines coupled with a collection of performance modifications make this drop-top a classic in the making. Instantly noticeable with custom forged 21-inch front and 22-inch rear wheels, this pony is a head-turner with a unique leather treatment for extreme dcomfort for your top-down driving. A throaty exhaust and battery of other powertrain mods make this custom Mustang get-up and go without the slightest hesitation.
So hot it appears uncatchable, even when standing still. Bojix Design creates a European-inspired Mustang. Striking the balance between tasteful and wild with its aggressively refined color theme, the Bojix Design Mustang brings a distinctly European grand touring feel to the Canadian designed EcoBoost pony. More than just a pretty face, the Bojix Design includes a healthy assortment of powertrain and chassis modifications to give the Mustang power and handling to match its sexy looks.